Flaunt it Friday 256

Hey there, Happy Friday, friends!

 The good news is it's Friday, the bad news is I'm sick. I can't believe it's almost June and I am sick. I have a fever. A fever!? I don't have time to be sick or have a fever. My kids are out of school for summer break in 3 and a half days and I have to get stuff done. Like a whole lotta stuff. But, it's not happening. I had a big decorating job tomorrow that I had to reschedule. I need to "take it easy and rest" is what my mom told me. Mom's are always right. :)

The worst part is that I just had a cold that I wasn't quite over and now caught this loveliness. Most likely from my kiddo who was sick with a similar bug last weekend. At least it doesn't involve throwing up. Just fevers and stuffy heads. I am so thankful that overall my family and I are healthy. Saying a special prayer tonight for those dealing with chronic illness or worse. There is no way to sugar coat it, being sick sucks.

Stay healthy and enjoy the party!

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